PBM-3000 Auto Lock

Tube/Pipe Bevelling Solution

The Portable Pipe Beveler Machine PBM-3000 Auto Lock lever feed comes in 3 different speed versions (100, 200 and 300 RPM). The lower speed machines develop more torque and are used on larger, thicker and harder tubes. Suitable for tubes and pipes in the size range of 12.5 mm to 42mm ID (1/2” – 1.5/8”).


  • LIGHT WEIGHT BODY – High pressure cast aluminum body allows continuous operation under the harshest conditions.
  • ROBUST TOOL HOLDER – Holds the cutting tool bits tightly at the desired position. Its robust construction and support to the cutting bits ensure vibration free performance.
  • HIGH STRENGTH FEED SHAFT – Precise machined and hardened feed shaft provides a strong support to the assembly which slides over it.
  • TOOL STEEL JAW – Wedge style hardened tool steel jaws for maximum life and secure positioning. Available within the locking range of 20mm to 42mm.
  • CENTRAL MANDREL – Expanding mandrel allows fast, accurate and self-centering alignment with torque-free operation for operator safety.
  • GEAR BOX – Highly accurately machined for positive power transmission with less noise and no wear and tear.