FPT Hot Bolt & Industrial Clamp

Clamping Equipment for Plate Heat Exchangers

FPT is a manufacturer of Hot Bolt & Industrial Clamp Systems with applications throughout the industrial sector and the oil and gas sector. The system is designed to remove rusty nuts on a pipeline where it is critical to remove and replace corroded or damaged nuts without interrupting production. The hot bolt tightening system maintains the integrity of a connection allowing corroded or damaged studs to be replaced safely.
  • The FPT Hot Bolt & Industrial Clamp system is used in multiple applications including the oil & gas and pipeline sectors as it maintains the integrity of a connection – pipeline – and in the meantime allows you to replace damaged or corroded nuts.
  • The pipeline remains in service and maintenance can be carried out without interruption. The hot bolt system allows safe and time-saving operations.
  • The system finds application in all industrial sectors wherever there are two components that must remain connected and blocked, it is the vice system but managed hydraulically thanks to FPT know-how.
  • The standard system is composed of 4 FPT Hot Bolts of 34 kN with a thrust of 10 mm and a maximum pressure of 700 bar, an FPT manual pump model PMSA2, manifold, pipes, connections and accessories for operation. Each Hot Bolt has a special treatment to protect from corrosion. Product code: KIT-4HBRC-35
The standard hot bolt clamp system consists of 4 pieces of FPT clamps each of 34 kN with a thrust of 10 mm and a maximum pressure of 700 bar, the FPT manual pump model PMSA2, complete manifolds and connections and related accessories for the operation. Each clamp has a special treatment to protect from corrosion. An electric power pack, an air power pack or hand pumps with multiple outputs can be used as an option and the system can be customized to customer specifications and needs. The hot bolt clamp clamping system can be tailor-made according to different projects’ needs, FPT has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing high pressure equipment, and a team of technicians will take care of customers’ applications.
A clamp system is used to clamp or secure items together, and many types of clamps are available for different purposes. The main application of FPT tools is for maintenance purposes or for installation in the industrial sector. Another product part of the FPT range are the clamping cylinders used to correctly position the workpiece on the fixture and also to keep it in place during processing. FPT also offers technical training on the equipment divided into technical training and on-site training, to provide operators with all the tools necessary for correct and safe use of FPT hydraulic equipment. The training courses combine the principles of high pressure hydraulics with hands-on training at our factory using hydraulic tools.