Tube and Pipe Bevelers (ID Mount)

PBM Series

ID mount solutions for tube/pipe bevelling

  • The all new range of MAUCOTOOLS Bevelling machines delivers maximum power and performance for fast, accurate weld preps on pipes and tubes ranging from 1/2” ID. up 24” OD. (12.7mm – 609.6mm) depending on all model and configuration.
  • Facing, bevelling and counter boring preparations are possible on all machinable alloys including stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, inconel and other alloys. Seal and strength weld removal applications for heat exchangers and boilers are the primary focus of our machining technology.
  • The rugged design features a self accepting torque system with self centering inner clamping which allows one skilled operator to make end preps quickly and safely, avoiding the slow hazardous process of grinding. The in-house manufactured pneumatic drives are resilient and powerful. The carefully selected quality bearings ensure great support to the drive shafts, right angle gear assembly and cutter head. This provides rigidity and unparalleled stability.
An Internal clamping pipe beveller solves several problems of finishing and irregularity produced by the pipe cutting tecniques. It generally utilizes a expandable mandrel which slides into the open end and a expanded by tightening of a draw nut. The tool has a predetermined angle ground. Into it which when fed into the material produces a bevel of same angle. Different bevelling tools for different bevelling angle can be made available and even the bits can be custom made for any form tooling operation.