Tube/Pipe Bevelling and Cutting Split Frame Machine

Externally mounted Pipe Cold Cutting Machine SFM-1824 is a split frame, clamshell type light and portable design. A rugged and slim machine suitable for tubes and pipes in the size range of 457.2 mm to 609.6 (18″ – 24″) mm in external diameter. It is a new generation heavy duty facing, bevelling and cutting machine designed for the Piping industry.


  • SPLIT FRAME MACHINE – It consists of a split mobile ring and fixed ring. Light weight, slim design.
  • JAWS – Wedge style hardened tool steel jaws for maximum life and secure positioning. 8 points of contact locking system. It provides stability and avoids vibration.
  • TRIP ASSEMBLY – It gives an auto feed to the tool bit assembly. Trip can be engaged or disengaged depending on feed required.
  • TOOL SLIDE – Holds the cutting tool bit assembly tightly at the desired position for the cutting and bevelling operation. Its robust construction and support to the cutting bits ensures vibration free performance.
  • PLANETARY GEAR BOX – It gives a high speed reduction with increasing torque.
  • PNEUMATIC, ELECTRIC OR HYDRAULIC DRIVE – High quality pneumatic, electric drive or hydraulic for reliable service and long working life.