Hydraulic Cylinders and Jacks

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FPT – Fluid Power Technology produces a wide range of 700 bar and 2.000 bar high pressure hydraulic cylinders and jacks. Hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic jacks suitable for any industrial application where lifting, pushing, pulling, approching or managing of heavy loads are required. The hydraulic cylinders are available single acting, double acting, with spring return, load return, hydraulic return or double acting push and pull. Steel, aluminum or stainless steel cylinders. Cylinders with short strokes to be compact or with extremely long stroke. A very wide range of compact cylinders, hollow cylinders, extra-flat cylinders, with locking collar, pull cylinders, lifting cylinders, for intensive applications and use with long cycles or very high tonnage suitable for the most varied customer applications. Shipbuilding, construction, transport and heavy lifting, infrastructures, bridges and viaducts, engineering, geotechnics and on-site tests, railways, steel mills, forge and heavy industry, energy, transport, mining, wind sector, maintenance, industrial, offshore and oil & gas are among the main application sectors of FPT products.
Custom made hydraulic jacks can also be made based on specific customer requirements and for different industrial environments. Production of hydraulic cylinders up to 3.000 tons. FPT – Fluid Power Technology designs and manufactures high pressure custom made hydraulic cylinders from 350 bar up to 2.000 bar, following the request of the customer based on specific design requirements. Hydraulic jacks with sizing, tonnage, stroke, treatment and special functions, designed and custom made manufacturing on its own plant in Italy for the maximum reliability and quality.